Criccieth Lace

Lace is one of our older mares she join the stud in 2003 at 8 years old,

She has been a wonderful stock getting giving all fillies and just one colt,

She is dam of Elcon little moe, Elcon Lottie, Elcon Libby Lace, Elcon Lacey Lovetale, Elcon Laci Maci & Elcon Puzzle.

She has only been shown with us three times gaining 2 champions and res champion.

Elcon Lacey Love Tale

Results 2010

As foal

Champion & Res Supremem Severn Vally W.P.C.A foal and youngstock show first time out.

Results 2011

2nd North Eastern Countys W.P.C.A

4th Lampeter

1st East midlands W.P.C.A

1st & Section A Champion and Bronze medal. Qualifying for the Welsh National and part bred Championships North Western W.P.C.A

1st & Res Section A Champion Minsterley medal show

1st Youngstock Champion Llanfair Caeronion medal show

Results 2012

2nd 2 & 3 year old filly Severn Valley W.P.C.A

3rd 2 year old filly Northern all Welsh Silver medal show Wetherbuy

1st 2 & 3 year old filly NCPA Shropshire branch summer show

2nd yearling filly class Minsterley show.

Elcon Model Mika

Results 2011

1st West Mercia W.P.C.A

9th Welsh national Foal show (39 in class)

3rd Clwyd WPCA foal show

Results 2012

3rd Lampeter Stallion & youngstock

2nd yearling filly class Severn Vally WPCS

3rd yearling filly Class Northern All welsh WPCS Silver Medal Show Wetherby

1st yearling Filly Class & Champion & Bronze Medal winning ‘The Ashworth Trophy’s a cut glass plaque at Todmorden Agricltural show

Results 2013

1st 2 year old filly, Res Champion best filly & Res Champion Best Youngstock winning the Gleiniant Trophy, Glanusk Welsh Stallion Show

2nd 2 year old filly class Shropshire & West Mid

1st 2 year old filly class Youngstock Champion & Res Overall Sec A Champion at Scottish & Northern English Summer Bronze Medal show Richmond

Results 2015

1st , Champion  & silver Medal & 2nd Res Supreme of show, Worsley Gale WPCS Silver Medal Show

Elcon Libby Lace

Results 2009

(When shown as a foal)

1st and Reserve Champion N.C.P.A Cheshire branch foal and youngstock show.

2nd and Reserve Champion North Weston W.C.P.A foal and youngstock show.

Results 2010


1st Aberystwyth County Show

5th Yearling filly class Royal Welsh show 89 entries

2nd N.W.A summer Silver Medal W.C.P.A

Results 2011

2 year old

5th Lampeter

1st Youngstock Champion & Res Section A over Champion East Midlands W.P.C.A and qualifying for the Welsh National & part bred Championships

1st and Res Overall Section A Champion North Western W.P.C.A

1st and Res Youngstock Champion and Res overall Section A Champion Ceredigion W.P.C.A

1st Worsley Gala Silver Medal Show

1st and Res Youngstock Champion Anglesey County show.

Results 2015

6 year old

1st  Barren Mare, Champion Section A & Bronze Medal, Champion Overall Welsh & Supreme of show, Brecon Country, winning the Gwynne Holford Perpetual Challenge Cup, The Tom Evans Perpetual Challenge Cup, Qualifying for the National Brightwells Section A in hand Championship.

Elcon Laci Maci

"She moved well nice and balanced and is a very showy Filly"
- Diana Thomas Horse & Hound 8th Nov 2012

Results 2012

2nd NCPA Shropshire Filly foals class

1st & Champion section A Foal Winning the "GayFiero Perpetual Trophy" & Sash from the Karadam Stud, and the pepetual Trophy for the best section A foal at the Welsh National Foal show 2012 at the Royal Welsh show ground

1st Filly Foal and Res overall Section A Champion Midlands WPCA Foal and youngstock show

Results 2013


1st & Res overall section A Champion N.P.S Area 27

2nd Yearlng filly class West Mercia WPCA

4th yearling filly Glanusk Welsh Stallion Show

1st yearling filly class shropshire & West Mid

Results 2014

1st 2 & 3 year old filly class youngstock Champion & Res Supreme youngstock, West Mercia WPCA

3rd 2 year old filly class Lampester stallion show

2nd Devon County

1st 2 year old filly class & youngstock Champion & Res overall Champion Section A Clwdys Silver Medal WPCA

Results 2018

1st Mare Class and  Res Champion Section A, 2019 2nd Barren Mare Flint and

2nd  & Res Champion Minsterly show

Elcon Debutante

Results 2011

1st NPS Area 27

1st Worsley Gala Silver Medal show

8th Welsh National Foal show

2nd Clwyd WPCA foal show

2nd Severn Vally WPCA foal show

1st Home bred Severn WPCA foal show

Results 2012


1st Yearling Filly class & Res youngstock Champion Scottish & Northern WPCA Spring silver Medal Richmond

Dyfed Cymbel

Results 2014

2nd Barren Mare class Tudor Rose Lancs

2nd Barren Mare class & Res Overall Champion West Mercia WPCA

1st Mare class Devon County

2nd Mare class lincs All Welsh Medal show

Results 2015

1st Barren Mare class & Section A Champion & Bronze Medal & Sash Winning the Wynswood Trophy, Minsterly show

Elcon Golden Wish

1st Shropshire and west mid show
3rd Newport and District agricultural show
9th Royal Welsh 2009
3rd Oswestry Show
3rd Cheshire County

Baledon Hafina

Results 2014

Only time shown

1st  Junior Mare & Res Overall Section A Champion North Western WPCS 

2nd Barren Mare  Minsterley 

1st Barren Mare class SennyBridge

Elcon Laciana

Results 2013

1st foal class Llanfair caereinion
7th Winter fayre

2nd Minsterley

Results 2014

1st yearling filly class and SUPREME CHAMPION yearling Severn Valley foal &youngstock show
4th Winter Fayre yearling filly class
only time shown 

Results 2015

1st 2 year old filly Scottish & Northern WPCA

Results 2019

1st Barren Mare, Section A champion and Silver and Res SUPREME CHAMPION, Clwyd WPCA Summer show

1st Barren mare Severn Vally wpca

Cosford Joy

Results 2019

3rd  Royal Welsh, 1st and Res Young Stock Champion Minsterly

Elcon Model Mistress

Results 2014

2nd Welsh National Foal show 
3rd  Clwyd foal show 

Results 2016

2nd West Mercia
2nd Lampeter Stallion Show
2nd Glanusk

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